Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Predictive  and Prescriptive Analytics are more than just nice reports, charts, dashboards and Excel™ Pivot Tables.  It is about being able to employ advanced algorithms that detect patterns (“signatures”) from data to be able to predict failures before they happen with Machine Learning.

Harnessing the tribal knowledge from your subject matter experts allows you not only be aware of a problem but also how to fix it right.  Think about how many collective years of experience you have in your organization today.  If you have only 10 maintenance team members with 20 years of experience each you have 200 years of experience! If you have 100 assets with five years of historical signal / repair data you have 500 years of collective data.

While there is no “Magic Bullet”, 4Atmos implements our solutions to quickly and effectively find failure signatures and transfer those signatures across a population of assets to find “bad actors” that are on the verge of failure and help our customers intervene before a catastrophic event occurs.

Not only will we provide advanced notice of a pending failure but it will also qualify the alert with an estimated accuracy and lead time so you have time to prevent those events.

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